Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Berita baik untuk peminat Hafiz Suip, buat pertama kalinya penyanyi kelahiran Akademi Fantasia musim ke-7 ini bakal perform bersama kawan-kawannya di Hard Rock Cafe Melaka pada 22 Jun 2014, jam 9 malam. Persembahan yang dinamakan HAFIZ & FRIENDS itu akan menampilkan kawan seperjuangan Hafiz Suip iaitu Akim Ahmad dan Hazama di mana mereka akan bergabung di satu pentas.

Harga tiket pra jualan berharga RM60 dan RM70 (At The Door). Untuk membeli tiket, anda boleh hubungi +606 2925188.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka terletak di 28, Lorong Hang Jebat, Bandar Melaka. Satu sidang media akan berlangsung di Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur pada 22 Mei 2014 jam 3 petang.

For full article : http://www.budiey.com

Friday, May 16, 2014


16th May 2009 ... A day in history for Hafiz Suip and his fans ... it's the day he was crowned the champion of AF7 ... Receiving a massive 46% of over 4.2 million votes .. it was a memorable night for us all ... The nite he sang for the first time his first ever hit, Masih Jelas ... He sang it so beautiful and it brought tears to our eyes ... And it was the night that launched his prosperous and glorious career ... And the rest, as they say  .. is history ... 

And today, 16th May 2014, Happy 5th Anniversary Hafiz... Thank you for being part of our lives and continues to entertain and mesmerize us with your extraordinary talent and personality ... Here's wishing you all the bst and hoping to see more of your incredible achievements in many years to come ... Stay true to yourself, stay humble, stay the way you are .. Lots of love and support from us all .... 

Official HafizFC ....

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