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Hafiz @ Fiesta Downtown

Meriahkan sambutan Fiesta Downtown

SEMPENA menyambut ulang tahun keempat tapak bazar pasar malam KL Downtown Cheras, pelbagai acara telah disusun sepanjang dua bulan sambutan itu yang akan bermula pada 4 Disember ini.

Fiesta yang dianjurkan oleh Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpu (DBKL), MCA Wilayah Persekutuan dan Persatuan Pengasih itu adalah bertujuan untuk melahirkan suasana sihat di kalangan pengunjung dan perniaga pasar malam itu sempena cuti persekolahan.

Dalam tempoh fiesta berlangsung, pihak penganjur telah menyediakan pelbagai acara untuk menarik orang ramai mengunjungi bazar berkenaan selain menghidupkan suasana tapak bazar sebagai tempat tumpuan pelancong.

Antaranya acaranya seperti pertunjukan silap mata dan badut yang akan diadakan pada malam menjelang Krismas.

Selain itu pertandingan lawak jenaka turut dibuka kepada orang awam di samping pertandingan karaoke yang menyediakan pelbagai hadiah menarik.

Kemuncak kepada sambutan itu nanti, persembahan artis-artis popular telah dirancang antaranya Misha Omar, Jamal Abdillah, Hafiz (AF) dan bintang dari Indonesia, Endang S. Taurina.

Kepada orang ramai yang ingin merebut peluang perniagaan pula, pihak urus setia turut menyewakan tapak gerai pada setiap malam.
Mereka yang berminat bolehlah menghubungi Pian di talian 019-2548098 untuk maklumat lanjut.


Friday, November 27, 2009

TV: Hero time with Hafiz



Hafiz AF7 speaks to BIBI NURSHUHADA RAMLI about his experience of lending his voice to the boy hero Ben 10 in Alien Swarm.

THE immensely popular TV franchise Ben 10 is taking the world by storm, and Malaysia is no exception.

Along with stage performances of Cartoon Network Live on Stage! Power Of The Omnitrix this weekend, Cartoon Network is celebrating the premiere of sizzling action movie Ben 10 Alien Swarm.

Based on the adventures of the famous alien-morphing boy hero, this highly anticipated movie will premiere exclusively on Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616) tomorrow at 6pm.

Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc vice-president of branding and communications Lucien Harrington said: “Ben 10 is one of the world’s most popular franchises and reflects Cartoon Network’s promise of entertaining kids through adventure, comedy and action.

The movie follows Ben as he breaks ranks from the Plumbers (a secret organisation that battles alien forces) to help his long-time friend Elena uncover an alien threat to our world.

Elena’s search for her father leads the group into an adventure to stop the threat.

Ryan Kelley (Prayers for Bobby) stars as the 16-year-old Ben Tennyson, with veteran actor Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men) starring as Grandpa Max.

Galadriel Stineman (Junkyard Dog) is Ben’s super-powered cousin Gwen, and Nathan Keyes plays Kevin Levin, who has joined Ben’s team for the good of the universe, but still seems to have a scheming side. Alyssa Diaz (Red Dawn) plays Elena.

To go with the exciting movie, Cartoon Network has another treat for Malaysian fans. Ben 10 Alien Swarm features the voice of Akademi Fantasia 7 winner, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip (Hafiz AF7), as the superhero character (in Bahasa Malaysia).

This movie marks the first time Cartoon Network has enlisted the talent of a Malaysian celebrity to lend his voice to an action movie.

“I am excited to be a part of Ben 10 Alien Swarm, as the Ben 10 Alien Force series is such a global phenomenon,” said Hafiz.

“Being a superhero is every kid’s dream and I’m happy to make Ben 10 Alien Swarm available to Malaysian viewers.”

When Hafiz received news that he would be taking part in this project, he did a lot of research to understand the character of Ben and the plot better.

Despite being a newbie in voiceover work, Hafiz had delivered a fantastic performance during the recording, which lasted about two hours.

“To get into the character of Ben, I asked to wear his signature green jacket. It helped me a lot; it was as if I was Ben 10!” said Hafiz.

Hafiz was told not to follow how Ryan Kelley executed his dialogues in the movie. “Instead, I was to be natural and use my own interpretation.”

While working on the dubbing for this movie, Hafiz realised that he and Ben had a lot in common.

“Ben is passionate about what he does. I have that trait too.

“I love how he can turn transform into a superhero with 10 alter egos,” added Hafiz.

“My favourite lines were Ben’s catch cries, ‘shut down the system!’ and ‘it’s hero time!’ And my favourite alien is Heatblast, the one whose body is covered in flames. How cool is that?

“Another fact that I love about Ben is that he is cool. He doesn’t panic but takes everything calmly.”

However, Hafiz, who released his first solo album in July, is not scheduled to sing the movie soundtrack. “So far, it’s just been dubbing,” he said.

“This was a memorable experience — to be able to learn about voice work and be a part of this phenomenon.”


It's Hero Time - Get ready to be swarmed by Aliens

Shuhaidah Saharani
Thursday, November 26th, 2009 08:12:00

TO say that the Ben 10 franchise is 'huge' is probably an understatement.
It's more like a revolutionary series that influence a whole generation of kids. And the series will reach new heights with Ben 10: Alien Swarm, an all-new live action movie based on the hit animation series, premiering Nov 28 at 6pm, only on Cartoon Network (Astro 616).

This second live-action movie based on Ben 10: Alien Force cranks up the action when teenage hero Ben Tennyson (Ryan Kelley) breaks ranks from the Plumbers (a secret organisation that battles alien forces) to help a girl named Elena (Alyssa Diaz) uncover an alien threat to the world.

Joining Ben on his adventures are Gwen (Galadriel Stineman) and Kevin (Nathan Keyes), super-powered heroes in their own right, who must trust each other's instincts to help save the day.

And now, for kids here who love to watch their heroes in a more familiar language, Ben 10: Alien Swarm is also available in Bahasa Melayu!

Akademi Fantasia 7 champion, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip (Hafiz AF7) is lending his voice to the superhero character, Ben Tennyson, especially for fans in Malaysia.

"I am extremely excited to be a part of Ben 10: Alien Swarm, as the Ben 10: Alien Force series is such a global phenomenon," he said recently.

"Being a superhero is every kid's dream and I’m happy to make Ben 10: Alien Swarm available to all Malaysian viewers in Bahasa Melayu, who will be tuning in on premiere night."

Despite not having had any prior voice over experience, Hafiz delivered like a pro, taking only two hours to complete his recording session.

"It's not as easy as it seems," Hafiz continued. "I was lucky in a sense that I didn't really have to follow Ben's voice. Although I was given the freedom to act and talk naturally, I still had some problems, especially with the intonations and pronunciations to say certain words and make them sound natural. Like 'Alien Nano Mechanism' and the aliens' names."

Hafiz admitted that he needed help 'being' Ben. "To really get into character, I even requested to wear Ben's signature green leather jacket."

Hafiz also wished that he could truly have Ben's gifts. "If God gave me a superpower, I'd use it to help mankind and make sure that they know I'm a superhero from Malaysia!

"But if I can ask for any superpower, I want to be able to teleport, just like in the movie Jumper. That’d be so cool."

As of now, we all know that Hafiz's super ability is singing. He recently released his debut Masih Jelas, which is currently enjoying lots of radio airplay.

Not only that, he also sang the theme song for Sehati Berdansa, the Dancing with the Stars equivalent in Malaysia.

"I hope all my fans out there will enjoy watching Ben 10 in Bahasa Melayu, as much as I enjoyed lending my voice to it."

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Juara - Generasi Hebat vc

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hafiz @ Muzik Muzik : The Announcement and Melodi segment, 22nd Nov '09

Sarawak iktiraf sumbangan Hafiz - Harian Metro, 25th Nov 2009

Speaking for Ben

Ben 10 live on stage in KL
by S. Indra Sathiabalan

Come Nov 28 at 6pm, Cartoon Network viewers in 250 million homes across 166 countries will be celebrating the premiere of live-action movie Ben 10 Alien Swarm on the small screen.
The movie, directed and produced by Alex Winter, chronicles the adventures of the famous alien-morphing boy hero, Ben Tennyson.

There will also be a Malay version of the movie and voicing the superhero is Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip (left), winner of Akademi Fantasia 7.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm, which is based on the hugely-popular Ben 10 animated series, is about Ben (Ryan Kelley) who breaks ranks from the Plumbers ( a secret organisation that battles alien forces) to help Elena (Alyssa Diaz), a mysterious young woman, uncover an alien threat.

Of course, his super-powered cousin Gwen (Galadriel Stineman) and side-kick Ken (Nathan Keyes) are on hand to help them.

Hafiz said in an interview that he was thrilled to be given a chance to dub the voice of the hero of the movie.

"I’m really excited because this character is really popular among kids. So when I was given the opportunity, I took it."

He said his nephews were a key reason he took up the job. "They love Ben 10 and it is because of them I became interested in the character and the cartoon series.

"As research, I watched some of the episodes of the cartoon," he said, adding that he has not informed them yet that he is the voice behind Ben in the Malay-version of the movie.
"I know they’ll be surprised I was involved."

Hafiz also cannot wait to show off his green Ben 10 jacket.

The dubbing process took him two days, he added.

And to fans of the series who are looking forward to the movie, Hafiz has this to say: "It’s hero time!"

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network in a statement said that over 60 million households across Asia have been invited to host their own Ben 10 Alien Swarm premiere parties on Nov 28, with some help from premium party kits available through local and regional Cartoon Network websites.

Malaysians interested in getting the party kits can log on to
Ben 10 Alien Swarm will premiere on cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616) on Nov 28 at 6pm.
Ben 10 live on stage in KLSuperhero Ben and his gang from Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 series and Ben 10 Alien Force live action movie are coming to Kuala Lumpur for a live stage show entitled Cartoon Network Live on Stage! Power of the Omnitrix.

The show, described by Cartoon Network as a dazzling theatre extravaganza, will be held at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, from Nov 27 to Nov 29.

David Harrison (above), 19, plays the iconic Ben Tennyson while Khali Grimshaw appears as Gwen, Paul Holmes as Grandpa and Alex Osmond as Kevin. The show is produced by Cartoon Network and Millennium Entertainment International Live and brought to Kuala Lumpur by Asiapromote Ventures Sdn Bhd.

To win passes for this show, tune in to radio stations MIX fm and Sinar fm. For more information, call 03-7955 9995 or log on to

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hafiz AF7 (Photo courtesy of Arcis Communication)

AF7 winner, Hafiz, brings Cartoon Network superhero Ben 10 to life in Bahasa Malaysia.

Hafiz, the latest winner of Akademi Fantasia (AF7), was handpicked to voice the lead character, Ben Tennyson in Cartoon Network’s latest live action flick, Ben 10 Alien Swarm.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of Ben 10 Alien Swarm, as the Ben 10 Alien Force series is such a global phenomenon,” said the 19 year-old, who was roped in October by Cartoon Networks for the part. Hafiz noted it was an absolute thrill for him to voice the part whilst wearing the same luminous green jacket as Ben 10. “My nephews are huge fans of the show; they have the action figures and everything, so that got me interested as well. Ben 10 is such a huge superhero to kids, so I feel like I’m their superhero as well!” the Sarawakian star quipped.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm is a live-action movie based on the hit animated series Ben 10 Alien Force. Ben 10 Alien Swarm follows teenage hero Ben Tennyson as he breaks ranks from the Plumbers (a secret organization that battles alien forces) to help Elena, a mysterious young woman; uncover an alien threat to our world. Joining him on his adventures are Gwen and Kevin, super-powered heroes in their own right, who must trust each other’s instincts to help save the day.
Premiering 6pm, Saturday (28.11.2009) on Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616).

Hafiz @ Utusan Malaysia, 24th Nov 2009

Source : Utusan Malaysia / Cari Forum

Hafiz @ Berita Harian, 24th Nov 2009

Source : Berita Harian / Cari Forum

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Hafiz@Muzik Muzik Semi Final Picture Gallery

Hafiz's sweet smile....

waiting for the announcement....

n yeayyyy!! Hafiz made it to the final...........

Source : Thanx to a chatter.... whose name is so obviously engraved on the pictures.......

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hafiz AF7 is the Malay Voice of Ben10

Lucien Harrington, Vice President, Branding and Communications, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc. says: “We are thrilled to feature Hafiz AF7 as the Bahasa Malaysia voice of Ben Tennyson in Ben 10 Alien Swarm.”

He also explained that with Hafiz’s voice, “Cartoon Network will be extending the incredible Ben 10 experience to even more kids and families.”

In tune with the worldwide premiere of Ben 10 Alien Swarm, a live-action movie based on the adventures of Ben 10, who can morph into 10 different types of aliens, Malaysia will be premiering its own version.

In this outing, Ben is requested to help Elena, a mysterious lady from his past, uncover an alien threat to the world, leading to the suspicion of his friends.

Over 60 million households across Asia will be invited to host their own Ben 10 premiere parties on November 28 th- with a little help from Ben 10’s Alien Swarm premium party kits, which are available at for Malaysia.

Ben 10 Alien Swarm, the latest movie from Cartoon Network’s hit series, premiering on Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 6:00pm, will now be dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia.

The voice of Ben is none other than Akademi Fantasia 7 champion, Mohd. Hafiz Mohd. Suip (Hafiz AF7).

This will be the first time Cartoon Network has a singing sensation from Malaysia to dub its characters’ voices.

Says Hafiz: “I was crazily excited to get the offer to voice Ben, as I used to watch the show with my nephew. I have been following Ben’s achievements since he was 10 years old.”

“I did my research on the Internet to see how its like to become an alien. I also played the Ben 10 video game and put on the Ben 10 jacket, so I could feel like him,” said Hafiz further.

It is Hafiz’s first time dubbing, and he says that it is a great experience to add while being in the entertainment industry.“I was told that I was chosen because of my attitude towards work, which resembled Ben’s passion towards his own mission.”“I like Ben cause he’s so cool, he never panics,” says Hafiz.

Hafiz AF7 Jadi Ben 10 Alien Swarm Versi Bahasa Melayu

Tahniah buat juara Akademi Fantasia musim ketujuh (AF7), Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip (Hafiz) kerana telah diberi kepercayaan meminjamkan suaranya untuk watak Ben Tennyson. First time dapat job buat voice over alih bahasa ni, Hafiz memang teruja benar. Budiey dah tengok episod pertama, ternyata Hafiz berjaya lakukannya!

Siapa tak nak jadi superhero, kan? jadi, Hafiz ni sangat happy sebab dapat offer macam ni. Hafiz ambil masa lebih 2 jam untuk berlatih dan berlakon masa sesi rakaman. Satu kerja yang bukan mudah. Memang mencabar!

Favorite line Hafiz… “shut down the system” dan its hero time dan bagi hafiz, alien kegemarannya ialah Heatblast. Cool!

Kepada peminat Hafiz, jangan lupa tengok Ben 10 Alien Swarm pada 28 November ini jam 6 petang di saluran Cartoon Network.

Source :

Hafiz's Muzik Muzik Semi Final performance

All the hard work paid off when he gave this extremely beautiful performance during the semi!

Here's the moment of the announcement..... i guess they saved the best for last!!! Congrats again Hafiz!!! Insyaallah he will do his best! Kudos to u!!


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