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Humility is his strength

by Joash Kong, Posted on September 1, 2013, Sunday

WITH THE FAMILY: Hafiz (centre) celebrating Hari Raya with his father Mohd Suip Mohd Suut, mother Halizawati Mohd Salleh, sisters Iza Sufiqa (seated left) and Iza Sufiya.

LUAHAN HATI ANAK SENI: The album art for Hafiz’s latest album Luahan Hati Anak Seni released in July 2013.

HUMBLE: Despite stardom, Hafiz still has time to relax and socialise with fans at an Iftar ceremony.

DESPITE winning national singing competition Akademi Fantasia in its seventh season, bagging numerous awards and having his songs featured in films and local TV dramas, Mohd Hafiz Mohd Suip, better known by his stagename Hafiz, remains humble in all his endeavours.

Looking up to Malaysian songbird Datuk Siti Nurhaliza as one of his inspirations for her longevity in the industry, he claims his strategy for lasting power in the industry is to be strong no matter what challenges arise and to remain humble no matter what happens.

“The reality in this industry is not everyone is going to like you. Bitter moments need to be swallowed and sweet moments savoured — I believe that’s the secret to staying in this industry for a long time,” he said.

Hafiz was blessed to hold his first-ever solo concert at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall on June 3 where he belted out 13 songs, including his chart-topping hits, his new songs and covers of Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man and Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved.

The Ombak Rindu crooner speaks of his latest album — Luahan Hati Anak Seni — as a personal inspiration and also his heart-felt expression.

“There are nine songs in the album — two I penned myself (Deklamasiku) and one (Mungkinkah) I composed with my cousin Idzam Shaharuddin. I really hope through this album, I can express my feelings,” he said.

Hafiz has also been working with some Indonesian composers on the album — for the tracks Patah Hati — and Hanya Ingin Kau Cinta, saying the flow of music and lyrics composed by them are usually very good.

He has been keeping busy with promoting his new single Bahagiamu Deritaku as the ice-breaker to his album in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

“This song is a composition by Malaysian composer LY Baiduri but it was recorded in Jakarta, Indonesia,” he explained.

The next single from the album will probably be Mungkinkah, a departure from his usual ballads and showing quite a different side of his persona as the song is influenced by Brit-pop from the likes of Coldplay and Muse, Hafiz’s favourite bands.

Hafiz has used a different marketing strategy by promoting his singles one by one instead of the entire album.

“A lot of people have asked why I take so long to release an album. It’s not that — my gameplan is to promote my singles one by one,” he disclosed.

Asked if there were any future plans for an English album, he said it would be hard to come out with one in the Malaysian market but if it were to be a filler song, he would be happy to do it — even more so if any international artiste were to duet with him.

Named Ikon Belia Sarawak 2010, Hafiz advises and encourages youths in the state to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

“Do things that are beneficial and don’t neglect your responsibilites. Avoid wasting time and stay away from drugs, alcohol and other activites detrimental to your being.

“There’s no problem with socialising but be aware and distance yourself from wrongdoings,” he stressed.

It seems like the highway to success is looking bright for this young singer and it can only improve in leaps and bounds for him, especially with his recent recording successes.

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