Thursday, October 15, 2009

News Flash!

Hafiz is in Kuching right now for a holiday. Will go to Sibu tomorrow for a family gathering on the 17th. He'll be flying back to KL on the 21st.
Another news, Hafiz has received his Honda Accord prize and there will be an official ceremony for it. And before i forget, there will be another VC coming up on the 21st! Not sure which song, maybe it's the new MASIH JELAS vc. Just wait and see ok!


Abet said...


Lady Zuely said...

VC baru MJ...okehhh...asalkan jgn ada muka red devil ya gik

Kakwa said...

benar ya ladyzuely .. and also sesuai utk tontonan kids

HAZIAH said...

Hafiz ada aktiviti di Sibukah? Harap-harap CD Hafiz ada juak kelak. Susah na carik CDnya disitok.

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