Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day from HafizFC

We at HafizFC would like to wish all Mothers a very wonderful Mother's Day. Been so busy all day that I totally forgot to make this posting.....but I hope it's not too late.......

So here, we would like to dedicate this wonderful song, "Lagenda" which was sang by Hafiz and his friends during AF7's 9th concert as a tribute to mothers... and all would be mothers out there.....

Mom is the first word that a child says when he/she learns to speak. She remains the center of attention and respect for a child for a long time to come and it is her love and peace in her lap that clings forever to the memory of a child. Even when she is no more, her image in our hearts manages us to smile even in the lowest period of our lives and urge us to go on.

Our guardian angels, Mothers are never ugly or beautiful, rich or poor, sober or rude, they are just Mothers. Mothers are perhaps the only person with whom you share an ultimate bond and even after years and years of sepration still the mother is the one person that will always love her children. This love is not because of greed or some thing that she desires it comes natural to all mothers.

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