Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mania Astro Hafiz Konsert Minggu 6

Hafiz chose Faizal Tahir's Karma for his assignment this week. And he did well! Clad in red and black military style attire, wet hair, complete with eyeliner and one red eye contact on his right eye....he looked gothic for sure... but still, he's adorable.  So glad that he's proven himself worth our votes by giving a rousing performance. 
This week's episode saw 2 contenders leaving the show, both from Ahmad Dhani's green empire, Atilia and Akim. Hafiz's position was quite unstable thruout the week but thanx to all voters, he finished at 4th position after the lines were closed. 
Can't wait for next week's show. I wonder what song will Hafiz sing....
In the mean time, keep the votes coming by typing 
MANIA HAFIZ and send to 32888

Source : aftalentaesb

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