Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mania Astro Hafiz Minggu 7

The theme for Mania's 7th week was DUET. Contestants were to choose their own duet partners and Hafiz chose his very own Ombak Rindu. At first he wanted to sing it with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza but she can't make it due to conflicting schedule. But nevertheless, he got someone else to sing it with him and it was Maya Karin, the star of the movie. We were sceptical at first about this pairing but it's proven not to be that bad. Hafiz was his great self...he sang it perfectly while Maya just added some nice touches. Singing was obviously not her forte but we appreciate her effort of helping Hafiz with this task.

Hafiz end up finishing at the 4th position after the lines were closed. Hopefully next week, he will choose a song that can really showcase his strength and abilities to the fullest!

In the mean time, keep on voting for Hafiz by typing

MANIA5 / 10 / 20 <space> HAFIZ and send to 32888


1 comment:

Liiya Amir Abdullah said...

best!!!!suara Hafiz memang bikin waaa cair wooo...huhuhuhu...good luck hafiz....n tq kt admin y dah upload vid Hafiz kat Mania...sbb kt tmpt sy blaja nih xde tv..tq!!!

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