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2012 was a remarkably memorable year for Hafiz We as his supporters are also in awe of what's happening in his growing career. All I can say is, we are so proud of his numerous achievements throughout the year. It started with a bang when he won big in Anugerah Juaraz Lagu 26 (AJL26) with Awan Nano. AJL26 was held on 29th January 2012 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. Hafiz wowed us all with his simple yet meaningful performance. Making his own history when he was dressed only in a simple blue round-neck tshirt and a tracksuit! And not to mention, barefoot! "Awan Nano", written and composed by Datuk M.Nasir and Buddhi Hikayat was crowned Juara Lagu 26. Hafiz bagged his 2nd consecutive Best Vocal award that night. Yeayyy! What a night it was for Hafiz! His style became an overnight sensation and HotFM even dedicated a day for him that the deejays wore tshirts and tracksuits in the studio! EraFM Kuching dedicated the day as Hafiz day, playing his songs throughout the day.... what a treat!

His winning streak continues on April 8th 2012 when he won the Most Popular Male Singer award in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011 (ABPBH2011). The event was held at Arena of Stars, Genting Highland. Hafiz also performed with Adira in a beautiful rendition of 'Ombak Rindu'. Again, he made us proud!

Next was 'Mania', a programme produced by Astro where various artistes who has their own impressive fan bases competing against each other in 3 groups, mentored by 3 renowned composers, namely Datuk M.Nasir, Aubrey Suwito and Indonesia's Ahmad Dhani. Hafiz was mentored by Ahmad Dhani and each week he gave a rousing performance much to the delight of his fans. The final was held on 19th May 2012, which saw Hafiz competing with his fellow AF7 alum, Aril, also Hazama, Stacy and Jaclyn Victor. He sang his signature song, "I Believe I Can Fly" and also did a duet with  Sarah Raisuddin in 'Beribu Sesalan'. Hafiz created history again by winning the coveted title of Mania Superstar that bagged him a whopping RM500,000! By winning this, Hafiz is definitely here to stay!

What an appropriate thing for Hafiz to be mentored by Ahmad Dhani in Mania. This proves to be a plus point in realizing his dream of spreading his wings in the Indonesian market. "Awan Nano" has made quite an impact in Indonesia, thanks to his performance in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2011 where the song was crowned the Best Overall Song. Surely that was a good exposure for him as well. So, another benchmark for Hafiz in 2012 happened when he went to Jakarta to launch his album to be marketed there. The album contains all of his hit singles including Awan Nano, plus Ombak Rindu and 3 new songs, namely 'Bahagiamu Deritaku', 'Patah Hati' and 'Hanya Ingin Kau Cinta'. 'Bahagiamu Deritaku' was released as the first single and is quite well received in Indonesian airwaves. Recently Hafiz went to Jakarta again to record the video clip of the song ... so hopefully we can see it soon!

Apart from 'Ombak Rindu' which made quite an impact in the music industry, Hafiz is also involved in another hit duet, which is also a theme song for a TV drama, 'Adam dan Hawa'. This time, it's a beautiful collaboration with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, 'Muara Hati'. The song was composed by Adi of Sixth Sense and Hafiz. The song is on heavy rotation on local radio stations and is climbing the charts all over. 

Hafiz was also involved in the album for Muzium Pahang, produced by Ajai. He sang 2 songs in the album, 'Matahari' and 'Kita Satu'. 

On 11th December 2012, Hafiz was bestowed the Ahli Bintang Sarawak medal by His Excellency Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Hj Muhammad Salehuddin, the TYT of Sarawak. Clearly he is Sarawak's pride and joy, having made so many achievements in his young career. 

Another achievement came not long after that when he won the Best Male Artiste in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 (APM2012), held at Max Pavillion, Singapore. This came so unexpected as he was competing with heavyweights such as Anuar Zain and Once. Alhamdulillah for this award and what a way to close 2012!

2013 will be another eventful year for Hafiz with his new album, slated to be released early this month. The photoshoot for the cover was held recently and by the look of it, it will be a hit! The concept is mini-magazine and  it will be a great keepsake for Hafiz fans, as there will be lots of great shots of him, sporting a new hairstyle! The album will consists of 10 songs, including the 3 songs from his Indonesian album and there will also be a song penned by Hafiz himself! Can't wait for this to happen soon! Hopefully it will be another hit album for him! And in June 2013, insyaallah his first solo concert will be held at the Dewan Philharmonic Petronas. Can't wait for that too!

But in the mean time, let's concentrate on what will happen this weekend. Anugerah Juara Lagu 27 (AJL27) will happen on 6th Jan 2013. This year, as you all know, Hafiz is competing in 2 songs, 'Ku Akui' composed by Ajai, and also a duet with Adira, 'Ombak Rindu', composed by Nur Zaidi Rahman. Will Hafiz maintain his Best Vocal award? We will have to wait and see, but we can be sure he will give his best and finest performance for us all to enjoy and appreciate. 

Can we call 2012 as Hafiz year? It seems that way with him all over the place, winning various awards and recognitions. Here's hoping that 2013 will be an equally good if not better year for Hafiz. Insyaallah he will succeed more, with our continuous support and his never-ending dedication to his work and God-given talent.

So, all the best for 2013 from us here at HafizFC....... may 2013 be a tremendous and prosperous year for us all....... Insyaallah......

Yours truly,


Unknown said...

Good job admin. Congrats to our superstar fr all the achievement.

thirtyfirst said...

Insya allah.. Amin. And also congrats. Banzaiii superboy

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