Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hafiz @ BBQ Potluck Gathering - 28th Nov 2009

Hi fans and friends of Hafiz.. sorry for the delay of updating the blog about this event that was held at his place on 28th Nov 2009. Got these pictures from various chatters that were at the do. The event was a success. Thanx to Hafiz n family for making it happen. Hoping that there will be more to come!

showing off his camera!

found a bit time to chat.....just very briefly!

showing off his muscles!

Hafiz's hair is always the object of affection and fascination..... hehe...

with the fans n family........


nursyamimi said...

dlm gmbr yg abg hafiz pkai singlet tu,nmpk seksi lah...hoho

NORA said...

owhffhhh...seksyiii.. harharhar

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