Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top three reality stars badly managed by Astro?

THE talent management arm of Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd (AESB), seems to have bitten off more than they can chew.

While still in its 'infancy' after the untimely demise of Maestro Talent & Management, the outfit has come under fire more than enough times for being no better than its predecessor.

The latest news is on the management of the top three AF7 talents — Hafiz, Aril and Akim.

Word has it that the talents received only RM5,000 each for their endorsement of brands — which means, after the subtraction of the 50 per cent management cut for endorsement deals, the three could have been sold for only RM30,000 which covers both print and TV ads.

A pittance in the world of endorsements, especially considering their following, post-show.

An AESB spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the rumour, saying all details of contracts were P&C. This brings about the question of just how AESB are managing the careers of the kids, especially since AF8 will be rolling out soon.

Source: www.mmail.com.my

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