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Malaysia reflect a multicultural ‧ KITA musical staged on June 18

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  • He Linghui said that its 10 years has been engaged in Chinese opera, the Chinese team are the main, and this is the first time and artists of different races to produce a "KITA" musical. (Photo: Sin Chew Daily)
(Kuala Lumpur) spent millions of ringgit, brought together three major national actors and dancers presented the musical joint - "KITA", forthcoming in the June 18, held a grand premiere at the National Palace of Culture, starting from 17, 10 days open performance, with multi-language, culture, music and dance, presents "a Malaysia" spiritual content.
The "one of Malaysia" as the main axis of the musical, is the Information, Communications and the Ministry of Culture, Prime Minister of the Department of Solidarity with the performance management unit, the National Palace of Culture jointly organized with the joy of literature and art space, from the "Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha," " The light snow - Princess Wen Cheng "production unit - free music studio planning stage, and invited well-known local theater producer and music producer, Huang Hui He Linghui tone for writers and compose songs together to create the popular musical hall level.
Presents the background of 70's life
"KITA" He Linghui musical director to the "Sin Chew Daily" said that she had engaged in decades of Chinese musical team has always been a predominantly Chinese, and this is the first time and artists of different races to produce a "KITA" Music drama.
"Many people say that a Malaysian is not a slogan? Undeniably true is a slogan, but because after shouting the slogan should be combined with many activities related to the different races, how many are valid."
She disclosed that story line in 70 years and in the context of Anshun. In her view, was more harmonious society, we all help each other, but now a larger social racial divide.
"In the past many race will do the same thing together, it is more simple, innocent of a decade, we already live in such an environment, they do not need a slogan to tell us."
Cost 2 million production costs
He Linghui said, "KITA" is derived from the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon's suggestion, last year saw "Buddha Biography", the international standard on such a musical surprise, so he decided to launch "one of Malaysia" as the concept of the musical.
She said, "KITA" actually began in May last year to discuss the work has been carried out until January of this year before its implementation. Participate in "KITA" artists spent three months time to rehearse.
"Generally, the musical at least 1 year of time to carry out the preparatory work, from script-writing, music, recruit actors, I have only 6 months time to prepare," KITA "play a long 2 hours and 15 minutes."
She disclosed that a total cost of the musical production costs of about two million ringgit or so, each performance can be filled with 1,200 people, 10 performances have 12,000 people.
Watch the Prime Minister and his wife attended the 18
He Linghui excited that Prime Minister Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Mary 拿汀斯里罗斯 will premiere the following day on June 18, attended the viewing "KITA", to show support for musical theater in this .
Participate in "KITA" performed five main actors are Ming-Li Wang, Lin Jianhui, Hafiz AF7, Michael Rao and Nas Adila.
They are the "Sin Chew Daily" said that for the opportunity to "KITA" honored musical performances.
2nd in the musical of the Ming-Li Wang said that the "KITA" embody "a Malaysian," the spirit of multi-ethnic culture, different races have their own unique culture and has a blend of space.
Lin Jianhui that, "one of Malaysia" is a good idea, Malaysia has always been a multi-ethnic country, which could allow other countries to see the characteristics of a good Malaysian.
Positive message to the younger generation
Hafiz said, "one of Malaysia" concept, the ethnic groups should live in harmony towards the same direction, hope "KITA" can give people a positive impact on Malaysia.
Nas Adila said he hoped "KITA" can give a positive message to the younger generation, do not care about race and color of each other, we really get along with efforts to successfully forward.
"KITA" musical will be June 17 to 27 performances, in addition to 20 performance time is 3 pm, other days of the performance time for the 8:30 p.m., 21, is the play off one day.
Ticket prices are divided into 38 ringgit, 88 ringgit, RM 108, RM 148, 188 ringgit and 288 ringgit, tickets on sale now, 21 years of age students are entitled to special higher prices 15 ringgit. For more information, please contact 016-9929888 (KC Lee) ,016-9838000 (Thomas Tan) and 017-7168640 (Frederick).
Sin Chew Daily ‧ 2010.06.15 

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