Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Era Muzik Hits Terkini Album Launching

The launching was held at the Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
The 8 artists (Hafiz, Aril, Akim, Isma, Yazid, Mawi, Mila and Stacy) was there earlier for the usual soundchecks and rehearsal.

Ekin and Datin Ain was there as well. The launching started around 3.30pm with Zainal Alam (the emcee for the event) announcing the new Era radio program called Era Detektif. Then, the 8 artiste singing in medley their song from the Era Hits CD. Started by the 4 AF champions Stacy, Hafiz, Mawi followed by Akim, Yazid, Aril, Isma and Mila (really.. that's how it goes and how it was announced.. laf laf).

The finalist for the coming AJL, Hafiz, Akim and Stacy then sang in full their song that will be competing in AJL24.

The symbolic act of launching the album took place next. Photographers and fans practically scrambled in front of the stage to take photos of the artists ^_^!

Autograph signing session took place next whereby all the artists were sat on the stage and fans make a bee line to get their autograph. Luckily there not many of them (the fans i mean). This session only took place around 15minutes.

Hafiz and co. then went off stage to take pictures with fans and friends and some of them even having an interview with reporters, ERA TV etc etc. Again it was less then 30minutes before they were hushed to the restaurant next door for another press conference and tea! As if they havent had any press conference before the event even started!

After about 15 minutes, they started to came out one by one to have a photoshoot outside the restaurant. Hafiz turn came last. There was also a photoshoot session of him with Akim and Stacy, the AJL24 finalist that is. It was fun to see them fooling around during the session.

That's about what happened at the event. Some fans even waited till the boys and gals came out of the restaurant to chill a few minutes with them.

-a write up from an ardent Hafiz's fan-

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