Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hafiz made us proud at AJL 24!! He'll always be our JUARA!

Our dear Hafiz performed splendidly at the 24th Anugerah Juara Lagu. Although he didn't win anything....he gave a heartfelt performance with his crystal clear voice. Looking angelicly handsome in a white suit, his performance consisted of white lilies with lights..... a video montage of him n the Sufi girl from his first Masih Jelas video clip... it was sweet and simple...just like the theme of the song.....about a guy who misses his deceased girlfriend. And thank you for keeping that curls intact.... they made it straight during the full dressed rehearsals the night before... but that didn't really sit well with the fans..... well.....that afro curls are indeed his trademark..so why change?

Although it could've been better..... he did his best and he didn't let us down.... so proud of him.... for someone so new.... to be competing with the likes of heavyweights such as Faizal Tahir and Misha Omar. It was a good exposure and experience to make him a better performer. This was his first major competition and it turned out fine..... wishing him all the best in many more competitions to come.

Hoping that he will do better next time...... we as die-hard fans should stick by him...through thick and thin.....

Here are some pics of the event taken from various sources.... will be updating more of the picture gallery soon.... enjoy and Congrats again to Hafiz!!

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