Monday, May 21, 2012


Hafiz created history again 3 days after his 3rd anniversary as AF7's Champion, by winning the coveted title as MANIA's SUPERSTAR! For the final concert which was held on 19th May 2012 at Dewan Sri Putra Bukit Jalil, each star sang 2 songs. Hafiz chose 3 Suara's "Beribu Sesalan" as his opening number, a rousing duet with Sarah Raisuddin. Both their vocals complimented each other's so well. Dressed by Ervan Azmi, Hafiz looked ravishing.

His second song was R.Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly", his anthem song. Hafiz wowed us when he first sang this song 3 years ago during AF7's 9th concert. And again, he had the audience eating out of his palm with an even more rousing performance of the same song. This time with more confidence and maturity. He finished the song grandly with a salute from Ahmad Dhani. AD said he cried when listening to Hafiz's great rendition, saying that he had never heard an Asian singer who could sing that song so well! What a compliment! The audience, particularly his die-hard supporters were in frenzy!

Despite those great performances, still what determines an artiste's winning in this competition was still the sms votes from fans and families alike. When the show opened, Hafiz was at the 4th position, which made us quite down in the beginning. But that didn't dampen our spirits to keep on voting for him. Thank God the phone lines were clear till the end. Some time in the middle, they showed the positions again. And Hafiz's was getting better each time. But don't be complacent. Especially during the last half hour, we were so thrilled to see that the difference between Hafiz and Jac was only 3%! OMG!! We can't give up just yet... some last minute calls and smses to our people were done and after the line was closed, we can only pray.

And alhamdulillah...the results was truely satisfying! Hafiz won with 28% votes while Stacy ends up at
2nd place while Jaclyn Victor finished 3rd! Yeayyyy!! We did it!! Thanx to all voters and supporters out there who voted endlessly till the end and made sure our mission to make Hafiz as MANIA SUPERSTAR a success!! And indeed we did!!!

Hafiz is now MANIA's 1st SUPERSTAR! No doubt about it!
A hearty congratulations from us all at HAFIZFC......

We love you Hafiz! Always will do..... :)

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