Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Still remember vividly 3 years ago on this date, 16th May 2012, we supported wholeheartedly, some maybe cried uncontrollably and of course voted endlessly for this rising star of Akademi Fantasia 7. He kept us entertained, made us smile with his mind blowing performances after another during his time at the academy. His consistency remained unchallenged till the end when he belted out his melodious debut single, "Masih Jelas", which became a huge hit.

This was the day when Hafiz Suip was crowned as the Champion of AF7 back in 2009. Look at how wonderful things turned out for our jolly good fella. Winning numerous awards including the most recent, Most Popular Male Singer of 2011 in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011, Hafiz has certainly proved his mantle in the Malaysian music industry.

Now he's back in the game with MANIA. Set for the final this Saturday, 19th May 2012, we pray for the best in his performance. Keep the support and votes coming. We make him our JUARA again! If we successfully did this back in 2009, I believe we can do this again now with even more enthusiasm and effort!

Happy 3rd year anniversary Hafiz..... wishing you the best of everything and more good things to come .. insyaallah......

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