Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mania Week 9 was where the show's heavyweights battled it out to get in the coveted top final 5. Each artistes got to sing 2 songs in the 2 rounds of the show. The show opened with the most dissapointing ever position for Hafiz at no.7! OMG!! Hopefully he will give his best to gain more votes! He has to go the final! Fullstop! Hafiz chose 'Kaulah Segalanya' by Hazrul Nizam during the 1st round and closed his 2nd round with Marc Anthony's 'My Baby You'.

'Kaulah Segalanya' was done very well by Hafiz, depicting him making a painting of his beloved mom. He looked good with red vests and his hair covered. His performance was superb and the fans were ecstatic! Half way thru the show, it was shown that he's at a better position at no.4. Thanx for all the votes! But to all Hafiz fans, don't be complacent!

His 2nd performance was better! With guest artiste, Neelofa as the model, Hafiz, who was clad in Ervan Design's blue blazer, sang 'My Baby You' beautifully. The phenomenal performance, coupled with his great chemistry with the sweet Neelofa, had the audience in awe. Truely remarkable!

Then came the announcement. Yes!! Hafiz made it to the final which will be held at Dewan Sri Putra Bukit Jalil on Saturday,19th May 2012. He will be competing against Jaclyn Victor, Hazama, Stacy and Aril. Let's hope that the luck will be on his side and he promised that he won't dissappoint his supporters.

So have faith in Hafiz and keep the votes coming!

Type MANIA20 <space> HAFIZ and send to 32888

Vote for Hafiz, forget the rest!!!

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