Sunday, May 6, 2012


Mania Week 8th's theme was Evergreen Medley. Hafiz chose Dato' Sheila Majid's Sinaran and Lagenda for his performance. Earlier in the week, some fans were sceptic about his choice, as they felt that he could've chose better songs to showcase his true talents. Hafiz took it as a challenge and indeed, he did his best in the concert. His rendition of the medley was powerful and totally mesmerizing! Complete with some sexy gestures! And memories of AF7's 9th concert lingered when he hit his highest note in Lagenda! 
But as usual, the suspense killed us all when it came time to announce who's been booted out. And thank God, it wasn't Hafiz! 8th concert's casualty was Alyah who also gave a good performance. Thanx to all who voted for Hafiz and he finished 2nd after the lines were closed.
Next week will see the 8 stars competing in the Semi Finals. There will be 3 eliminations as the final will see 5 of them vying for the ultimate price of RM500,000. 
So fans and friends of Hafiz, keep the votes coming to make Hafiz our Superstar! Every vote counts!

Type MANIA5 / 10 / 20 <space> HAFIZ and send to 32888.

We vote for the best, leave out the rest!

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