Monday, July 9, 2012


This event was organized by HafizFC in collaboration with Papadome Cafe, Matang Jaya Kuching on 8th July 2012. We would like to thank those who came and mingled with Hafiz. We had fun and we appreciate the efforts of Papadome Cafe for making it quite grand! Honestly we didn't expect it to be done that way but all and all, it was a blast. Here's hoping for many more collaborations in the future. 

To the fans, thanks again for the never ending support for our local hero, pride and joy, Hafiz. He wouldn't have made it without all that. Ain't not enough words to express our appreciation for the support, good wishes and prayers for all good things for Hafiz and his blooming career. Insyaallah he will continue to entertain and mesmerise us with his great talents and his humble beautiful self. 

See you guys next time! Keep on supporting Hafiz!

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